Wireless Loggers

TechniCAL recommends the MadgeTech wireless logger system for conducting heat penetration and temperature distribution testing on retorted canned foods. MadgeTech manufactures precise, reliable data measuring and recording loggers in the USA..

HiTemp 140 Singe Rigid Probe Logger

HiTemp 140 Singe Rigid Probe Logger

(HiTemp140) High Temperature Data Logger. Includes a 1 inch rigid probe and "key chain" end for use in securing the logger to a basket or divider mat inside a retort. The HiTemp140 is a rugged, high precision, high temperature data logger that is built for use with retorts and harsh environments. Use this logger to conduct TEMPERATURE DISTRIBUTION testing in your retorts. ($499)

HiTemp140 Dimension Drawing
HiTemp140 Specification Sheet

Multiplexer Docking Station

Multiplexer Docking Station

(IFC406) Multiplexer Data Logger Interface, allowing for 6 data loggers to be connected into one interface and setup/read at once. Multiple IFC406 units can be daisy-chained together allowing you to setup/read even more loggers at once. Connects to your computer with included USB cable and software ($549).

IFC406 Dimensional Drawing
IFC406 Quick Installation Card


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